One Heart (Un corazón), nonprofit foundation that helps marginalized urban
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Our Project

Since 1990 we help young people (men and women) who:
1. Have lost their jobs.
2. With family ties broken.
3. Homeless tired walking aimlessly daily for Buenos Aires.
Our goal is to help them out of urban marginalization using an intensive job training and to be successfully reintegrated into our society We paid to each weekly prize marginalized presenteeism and transportation card refills to attend classes.


What we do?

We train in a trade (gastronomy, electricity, etc.) to "trapitos" (urban poor)
in Buenos Aires and get them return to work.


Our Team


Daniel Goytia



Cynthia Goytia



Franco Goytia



Micaela Goytia


Who helped?



The urban poor are trained in various trades daily, with official titles and a quick exit opportunity work offered by various Vocational Training Centres (CFP).

psychological assistance

With the great contribution of Psychologists, provide personalized assistance to guide urban poor to solve problems such as addiction and other illnesses as a result of marginalization.

Food and Rest

The urban derelict rest and snack at night, in the municipal home "Felix Lora, Av. Paseo Colón 811 (MCBA)" from 7 pm to 8:30 am during the 4 months. Often lack fixed housing.

Tutoring Program

Talk to a tutor, is a great contribution that can be made weekly spending few minutes. Encourage and motivate urban marginalized out of their situation is a great addition that can perform guardians.

  • 30 min. /week
  • Personal meeting
Phone Call
  • 5 min. /week
  • Phone call
  • 3 min. /semanales
  • Via mail o webcam

We create 2015

1. We started training 15 "trapitos" in gastronomy - PIC 12/31 of which graduated in May.
2. We get internships to graduates in different restaurants as "Restó La Más Bonita" and "La City".
3. We meet weekly in a classroom at the Cámara Argentina de Comercio to give them our support and economic aid and kind of questions that has an urban marginalized in the difficult transition to his rehabilitation.


Recent works

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Internship Job AUSA

Training of 42 urban poor, school "CUNET Villa Adelina", concrete techniques . AUSA Convention for internship and employment reintegration workshop for marginalized women.

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Leather workshop

Construction of the workplace ; Promotion and sale of items through our ONG stand in the " Gift Fair Show" San Francisco, USA.

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Agreements with CFP

Met agreements with vocational training centers for intensive training in marginalized urban computing courses, mechanical, electrical, construction and cooking courses.

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SUBE + Presenteeism

With our funds, we paid to each weekly presenteeism prize and refill transportation card so that you can attend to courses.

Do you help?

1. Accompanying once a week to Trapito.
2. If you're an entrepreneur, you prune seek an employment opportunity for 30 days (no employment relationship). We provide a report of the Center for Training and psychological suitability test.
3. We invite you to partner with us financially for the help they have useful work clothes and materials of the trade.



You can contact us by mail, facebook or phone.

  • +54 9 11 5615-4639